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How to Fix a ‘Gummy Smile’ – Crown Lengthening

While crown lengthening’s primary function is not to treat a condition, affectionately referred to as ‘gummy smile’, the procedure can be a solution to the problem if someone is not happy with their smile due to excess gum tissue around their upper teeth. Primarily, crown lengthening , which is a small surgical procedure performed by a periodontist, is performed when a tooth needs to be fixed. Sometimes, not enough of the tooth sticks out above the gum to support a filling or c...

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Caring For Your Mouth After Oral Surgery

There are many reasons that oral surgery could be necessary when caring for your teeth and gums. There could be a need to extract a tooth, insert dental implants , treat gum disease , or from other issues. No matter what the case, the recovery period after oral surgery is very important to reduce the risk of infection or complications. Bleeding After surgery it is quite normal to experience light bleeding. Apply pressure with some clean gauze or a damp teabag to help with clotting. If bleeding p...

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5 Tips For Healthier Teeth and Gums

Creating and maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile isn’t something that takes incredible work or money. With the help of your dentist or Eustis periodontist , along with some at home lifestyle changes, you can avoid tooth pain and gum disease, as well as correct previous damage. Here are some tips to improve your oral health today: 1. Learn to brush properly. Most people learn to brush their teeth as a child, and their brushing techniques have not changed since. Often, these are not the o...

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