Immediate Dental Implants

An immediate dental implant refers to a dental implant that is placed immediately following an extraction of a hopeless tooth. It is important to first understand that not all teeth that need to be extracted will qualify for immediate dental implants.
Most of the time, the determination of whether an immediate implant is recommended is a logical process. Simply put, there are times that the hole in the bone following a tooth extraction is larger than the hole that is prepared for a dental implant. Since the bone is used to stabilize the implant during healing, this must be taken into consideration. Most single-rooted teeth are candidates for immediate dental implants; however, each tooth is considered individually at the consultation to determine its predictability and prognosis for success.
Immediate dental implants save time, minimize the number of surgical procedures and speed up the healing process. As with other dental implants, once placed, they will require 4-6 weeks for healing prior to placement of a crown. Temporary devices such as Transitional Partial Dentures (we call them "flippers") can be custom made and worn while an implant is healing.
There are many options for temporary replacement. The decision will be made together and serve in your best interest until the implant can be restored with a crown, to discuss these options with Dr. Richardson please click here or call 352-589-1973 to reach our office.