Multiple Tooth Replacement

In addition to replacement of single missing teeth, dental implants can be utilized to restore multiple missing teeth. Obviously, in the scenario of multiple missing single teeth, traditional procedures are performed to treat each site as a single missing tooth. In addition, dental implants can be used to replace multiple missing, neighboring teeth. 
In most cases, each missing tooth will merit a single implant. However, other conditions exist that allow for the bridging of multiple teeth between fewer implants. This saves money and is equally acceptable and predictable. Traditional bridges fail when their supporting teeth (we call them abutments) fail due to fracture or decay. Implants neither fracture, nor decay. If done properly, as many as 4 or more teeth can be restored with just 2 implants!  
There are many conditions that can affect the possibility of multiple adjacent implants. An evaluation of the underlying bone and anatomical structures will be performed during the exam and consultation. All options will be presented and factors such as cost will certainly be taken into consideration.

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