Alloplastic Tissue Grafts

Alloplastic tissue refers to tissue that is from the same species but a different donor. This tissue was initially developed for burn victims and is purchased from the same tissue banks as our bone grafts. This tissue was donated and is very safe and very useful.
This type of procedure is difficult for people to understand because they are concern with the fact that it is donated tissue, but the truth is, it is very safe. All of the donor's cells including DNA, RNA and proteins have been removed from this product during processing. Essentially, all that is left is the tissue matrix. This matrix provides a scaffolding for your own tissue to weave in and out of the material. Over a period of a couple of months, your body will completely resorb this material and replace it with your own tissue.  
The overwhelming benefit of this tissue is that you can order as much of it as you want. This material is ideal for treating multiple teeth with recession in one procedure. In addition, it is unnecessary to make a wound in the roof of the mouth. The recipient site is prepared using an incisionless technique called a tunnel technique. The graft tissue is placed under your existing tissue and is used to thicken it. The success of this technique depends on the material remaining covered by your own tissue; therefore, you will never see the material. It is buried and will remain covered until your body resorbs the tissue graft. Significant root coverage and tissue thickening can be achieved with this material. 
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