Connective Tissue Grafting

Connective tissue grafting is one of the more traditional tissue grafting therapies that we preform at our periodontal office in Eutis. This process involves harvesting a piece of tissue from the roof of the mouth and transplanting this tissue to the area that has recession. The tissue is sutured into place and covered with the existing gum tissue when it is repositioned.  
The transplanted tissue will become part of the recipient site and thicken the existing tissue. This procedure is typically performed in the presence of adequate volume of keratinized tissue but a very thin tissue thickness. The resulting tissue will not only cover the recessed area, but also thicken to prevent further tissue recession in the future.
The wound in the roof of the mouth will be protected with a clear plastic retainer that is fabricated from models of your upper jaw. This guard will keep your tongue as well as food from irritating the wound. 
The limitations of this technique is volume of tissue. There is a limit to how much tissue can be harvested from the roof of the mouth. This technique is good for treating 1-3 teeth, but would require multiple procedures to cover more teeth. 
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