Coronally Positioned Flap with Emdogain

A coronally positioned flap is when you manipulate the existing gum tissue and move it toward the tip of the tooth. This procedure is performed with virtually every soft tissue graft; however, this technique entails using only the existing tissue with the addition of a product called Emdogain.
Emdogain is a product that is purchased and comes in the form of a gel. This gel contains proteins and enzymes that induce tissue growth. The proteins are harvested from pigs and can be used to help regenerate lost bone or in this case, tissue growth.  
The tissue is prepared in the site of the recession until it can be repositioned adequately. Then the tooth is treated with the gel and the tissue is sutured on top of the recessed tooth. The gel is then oozed all over the remaining site.
This technique works well and the surgical site is localized without having to make a wound on the roof of the mouth. There is minimal discomfort and requires only to be left alone during healing. Dr. Richardson will be very thorough about the post-operative instructions in order to ensure success. 
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